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Quality Over Quantity

When I left my previous role at a large law firm and started my own business, I knew that providing a personalized, high-touch experience to my future clients was a top priority. While big legal teams can have their benefits in some circumstances, I recognized the significance of the client-lawyer relationship and how this can make-or-break the process of seeking legal counsel. I take pride in delivering superior customer service throughout our time working together, no matter the nature of the case that we’re taking on.

Our innovative business model allows us to offer specialized services across a variety of practice areas. While the bread and butter of our work at Michael H. Moody Law encompasses complex business litigation and bankruptcy, we are also well-versed in personal injury, malpractice, and first-party property claims. Each year, we take on a select number of intentionally chosen cases in order to deliver a higher level of quality than you could expect to receive from a larger firm that’s focused on quantity.

My previous legal background has provided me with measurable experience and a good track record in a variety of personal injury, malpractice, and first-party property claims. I’m no stranger to the heavy-lift that’s involved in the workup of each case. I have clocked many hours reviewing evidence, medical documents, data, and standard operating procedures in order to gain a thorough understanding of a specific case and the demands we can make on the opposing party. This experience included working up bellwether medical products liability cases for trial. I’m also experienced in the complicated communication that’s necessary between the attorney and the insurance carrier to seek those demands. I’m equally invested in the work that we’re doing in order to help you win the best possible outcome that you deserve. Although these types of cases don’t always go to trial, I’m also prepared to represent you in court and have the litigation experience to back your case.

The nature of any legal situation can oftentimes be stressful, but this is especially true in personal injury, malpractice, and first-party property claims. My goal is to give you the best client experience possible in order to ultimately bring you peace of mind and a resolution. A positive client relationship involves an attentive, reliable, and responsive legal team, where you’re familiar with who is representing you during this sensitive time in your life. Unfortunately, at a larger firm, you are not guaranteed a great deal of face time with your actual attorney due to the number of cases they take on at a given time. Your case could be delegated to a paralegal or alternative point of contact, potentially leaving you feeling like just a number in the grand scheme of things. We understand that, when dealing with insurance carriers, this is never an ideal time to not receive the personalized attention your unique case deserves.

If you believe you have a case for a personal injury, malpractice, or first-party property claim, your next move needs to be strategic. It’s important to consult an attorney before communicating with insurance carriers. If they are asking for a recorded statement then you’ll absolutely want a lawyer to be present in order to guide you through the process. We welcome you to give us a call at Michael H. Moody Law. Even if your particular case isn’t the right fit for our services, we can point you in the direction of an attorney who you can trust during this vulnerable chapter in your life.