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Evidence in Florida: A Real-Time Guide to Trial Law

For the past 5 years, I’ve had the privilege of being a contributing author to the Evidence in Florida book, published by the Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Division and LexisNexis. This book is revised annually and offers a practical, contemporary approach to the law of evidence that will prepare you for the courtroom. I am proud to be among the esteemed group of practitioners, judges, and law professionals who contribute to this ongoing resource.

Evidence in Florida was founded with the intent to give attorneys relevant information that could be accessed quickly and easily. This book is a wealth of knowledge for any trial lawyer, regardless of where you are in your career. With each edition, it includes real-time updates to case examples, statutes, laws, and regulations.

The chapter that I write is Chapter 6, “Witnesses.” I provide a comprehensive guide to unique situations involving witnesses in trial law, including how to evaluate the competency of witnesses, lawyers, jurors, and even judges. I also examine techniques for direct and cross-examinations and for refreshing the recollection of witnesses who forget critical details at the wrong time. While each trial case is different, it’s helpful to examine examples of cases to have a thorough understanding of the trial process.

As I imagine the future of trial law, I anticipate that the next edition of Evidence in Florida will include a great deal of information around the remote processes we’ve had to adopt in light of the pandemic. 2020 has no doubt been a learning year! I’ll be exploring topics such as remote proceedings, how you authenticate evidence remotely, how to swear people in remotely, and how to organize remote notaries to verify documents. It’s important to me to not only deliver quality work on behalf of my clients but also to share my expertise to help other lawyers as we all navigate the “new normal.”

Any reputable lawyer will tell you that your education does not simply stop after passing the Bar exam. A career as an attorney is a commitment to a lifetime of continued learning, and resources such as the Evidence in Florida book serve as valuable tools to help you along the way. It’s essential that we keep up-to-date with the latest developments in our industry to ensure we’re staying innovative and relevant. You can purchase a copy of the 11th edition here.