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6 reasons to choose a small law firm

We promise a big firm quality, with small firm value. Our number one business goal is to resolve your legal matter efficiently with your best interest in mind.

Before starting Michael H. Moody Law, I worked for seven years as a cross-border collections and litigation attorney with an international law firm and, before that, for four years as a bankruptcy and reorganization attorney with another large firm. I have experienced law from both a big and small firm perspective and I will passionately advocate for the small firm structure. I made the decision to branch out on my own because I believe that by leveraging the newest technology and collaborating with an alliance of peer partnerships when necessary, I can provide my clients with the best aspects of a big law firm’s quality at a fraction of the price.

1. Bigger doesn’t always equal better

Far too often people assume that the biggest firms have the best lawyers, but the truth is that talent is everywhere. When you work with a big firm, you’re essentially paying for the brand name, but that does not guarantee that you’ll be working with the most senior attorneys on the team or tapping into the manpower that you see on the company’s website. Given the high caseload, it comes down to a matter of quantity over quality so, unless your case is particularly high profile or high stakes, you’ll most likely be working with a junior member of the firm for the majority of the experience. And as for the talent distribution, many lawyers break away from a big firm to start their own and will bring the expertise from the large firm to create the best of both worlds (wink, wink).

2. Thoughtful, flexible approach

A smaller firm has the capacity to take a more conscientious approach and exceed your service expectations. At Michael H. Moody Law, we foster a family-style culture in the way we do business and maximize client interaction. It’s important to build a comprehensive understanding of you as a client and examine your business operations. Failure to make these connections could result in us missing out on important details of your case. Our small, nimble methodology also allows us to pivot quickly if the situation calls for it.

3. Technology

Technology puts small and large firms on an even playing ground. We have invested in full access to the best research, administrative, and technological resources. This enables us to conduct research at no additional cost to the client and begin with forms and checklists for your legal issue, no matter how unique or specialized.

When you leverage the right tools, accessibility is no longer an obstacle. We can meet with you remotely and deliver important information through secure communication tools. Technology also gives us the opportunity to intentionally assemble a team of niche experts that are most relevant to your case. By tapping into a network of peers to form strategic alliances, we can bring the big law quality and breadth of expertise at a more affordable price.

4. Overhead Price Tag

When you do business with a large firm, you’re not just paying for legal services. You’re paying for their advertising, the fancy office, the salaries of a huge team that doesn’t even touch your case, and any other overhead costs that come with the big brand name. Alternatively, our aforementioned alliances will give you the full-service benefits of big law at a fraction of the cost.

While we’re on the subject of payment, we have a flexible approach to billing and are open to alternative fee structures. Traditionally, big firms will bill based on high hourly rates to cover those overhead expenses, but we strive to incorporate flat fees or success fees to ensure the client and attorney’s interests are aligned.

5. Efficiency

While some big firms will boast a huge team of lawyers as an advantage, too many hands touching your case can sometimes be a disadvantage. The more people, the more likelihood for errors or other disconnections in the process. There is also a difference between speed and efficiency. We will get your legal issue resolved as quickly as possible while paying meticulous attention to the specific details of your case. In larger firms, you can expect to experience the turn and burn mentality and your case might not get the level of personalized attention that it deserves.

6. Trust

At the end of the day, trust and confidence in your attorney are the most important considerations. Handling a legal issue is a stressful experience that can be alleviated when you truly feel that you have someone in your court who’s invested in fighting for you. Choosing a lawyer should involve the same amount of scrutiny and evaluation as choosing a surgeon. You want the whole package—someone who’s competent and skilled in practicing law, while also compassionate and understanding of the emotional implications that you might also be experiencing.

While the Michael H. Moody Law business model is a new, innovative concept, our small-firm approach does not limit us and we offer essential advantages over larger law firms. Let’s work together to get your legal issue resolved.