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2020 Year in Review

During the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible. It is in this spirit that we say thank you from everyone at Michael H. Moody Law, P.A., and send best wishes for the holidays and New Year!

I don’t think I’m the only one who will be glad to put 2020 behind us, but as we look back on the past year, we would like to acknowledge the moments that have helped us shape our business. We launched our blog to connect with clients and share knowledge around the complexities of the bankruptcy process. To mark the year coming to a close, here is a round up of our top blog posts to catch up on.

About Michael H. Moody Law, P.A.

6 Reasons to Choose a Small Law Firm — We promise a big firm quality, with small firm value. Learn how we can provide our clients with the best aspects of a big law firm’s quality at a fraction of the price.

Reimagining the Traditional Legal Services Model — We are a small but mighty firm. We believe that our collaborative counsel model will allow us the flexibility and innovation we need to bring the right talent to a case. In this blog, you’ll get a behind the scenes look into Michael H. Moody Law, P.A.

Bankruptcy General

Bankruptcy Law, A Tool to Foster Risk-Taking & Innovation — History teaches us that, despite the negative connotation associated with bankruptcy, the law was designed to help you try again. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering bankruptcy.

What to Expect from Your Bankruptcy Attorney — The more complex your case, the more essential it is to hire an attorney. And going without counsel is not an option if you’re a business. In this blog, we explore a bankruptcy attorney’s role to demonstrate how we can help you throughout the process.

FAQ: What Will Life Look Like Post-Bankruptcy? — If you’re one of the many individuals or businesses facing bankruptcy, you most likely have questions about the filing process. Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll start to see the light (and life) at the end of the tunnel—but how exactly does that look? In this blog, we address some of the most common FAQs about life after bankruptcy to help you learn what to expect on the other side.

Glossary of Bankruptcy Terms — There’s a learning curve in bankruptcy if you’re not familiar with the process. One of the best ways to begin to arm yourself with knowledge is to talk the talk before you walk the walk. Here is a selection of terms with basic definitions to get you started.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

What to Expect from a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy — As we begin the preliminary discussions with business owners surrounding the decision to file for bankruptcy, we’re often asked similar questions across the board. Here are some FAQs to help you learn more about how filing for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy will impact you as a business owner.

A Deep Dive into Chapter 11 Subchapter V Bankruptcy — In this blog, we explore the Chapter 11 Subchapter V option and review some of the main differentiators for businesses considering this route.

Complex Collections

Complex Collections: Do I Need a Collections Attorney? — A common misconception in our industry is that the fight is over once the court rules a judgment, but sometimes that’s just the beginning. All the hard work, time, and money spent leading up to the decision are futile without the collections process. In most litigated cases, the losing party will not amicably pay its debts. Learn how a collections attorney can help you force the process.

Conflict Resolution

The Michael H. Moody Law Approach to Conflict Resolution — Whether you’re a prospective client who needs representation or a fellow attorney referring a client, the FAQs in this blog will shed some light on our intentional approach to conflict resolution.


In the “Reflections” blog series, I highlighted some of the most impactful relationships that have contributed to the Michael H. Moody Law, P.A. vision. The blogs below share some of the most important lessons I’ve learned from these inspiring individuals.

Barry Richard

Fred Baggett

Fred Harris

Marlo Moody

Paul Steven Singerman